Phnom Penh- On 06th, April 2024, In A Culmination Of Months Of Hard Work And Dedication, The Young Professionals Program In Water, Sanitation, And Hygiene (WASH) Recently Held Its Final Pitching Day. This Event Showcased Innovative Prototypes Developed By Four Teams, Each Aiming To Enhance The Livelihoods Of Thpong Commune Residents.

The Program, Which Focuses On Capacity Development And Innovation In The WASH Sector, Brought Together Young Professionals Eager To Make A Difference In Their Communities. Over The Past Months, These Teams Have Diligently Worked On Their Prototypes, Guided By Mentors And Experts In The Field.



Team 1: Rain Filtration System: Transforming Rainwater Into Safe Drinking Water- Phnom Pers Primary School Pers Village, Omlaing Commune, Thpong District, Kampong Speu Province.

The Objective Of This Initiative Is To Implement Appropriate Technology For Collecting, Treating, Storing, Conserving, And Managing Water At Phnom Pers Primary School. Their Aim Is To Establish A Sustainable, Safe Drinking Water Production System Using Rainwater Harvesting And Biological Sand Filtration, With The Goal Of Improving Water Quality And Public Health. See Their Story Featured On AMS News Here!

Team 2 : Practice Of Drinking Water Filtration In Yea Ang Village, Thpong District, Kampong Speu Province, Cambodia.

This Study Aimed To Implement Safe Drinking Water Treatment Through Filtration In Yea Ang Village, Thpong District, Kampong Speu Province, Cambodia, With Specific Sub-Objectives Focusing On Improving Water Quality, Enhancing Public Health, And Ensuring Sustainable Water Management Practices In The Community.

Team 3: Sustainable Wastewater Treatment For Irrigation Purpose In Prambei Mum Primary School In Thpong District, Kampong Speu Province

An Eco-Friendly Sewage Treatment System Using Coconut Fiber Is Being Developed For Irrigation Purposes, Aiming To Conserve Fresh Water And Groundwater Resources.

The Treated Wastewater Can Be Safely Used For Fruit Trees, Roots, And Timber, And Can Be Discharged Into The Environment Without Harm. See Their Story Featured On AMS News Here!

Team 4: Waste Management Awareness With Secondary Students , Rong Roeung Commune In Tpong District

Team 4’S Prototype Involves A Waste Management And Recycling Program. By Introducing Effective Waste Segregation And Recycling Techniques,

They Aim To Reduce Environmental Pollution And Create Economic Opportunities For The Community.

Each Of These Innovations Is Tailored To Address Specific Challenges Faced By Thpong District, Focusing On Sustainability, Affordability, And Community Engagement. The Final Pitching Day Provided An Opportunity For Teams To Demonstrate The Effectiveness And Feasibility Of Their Prototypes To A Panel Of Judges And Stakeholders.


Following The Presentations, The Prototypes Will Undergo Further Refinement Based On Feedback Received During The Final Pitching Day. The Teams Will Continue To Collaborate With Local Stakeholders To Ensure That Their Innovations Meet The Needs And Expectations Of Thpong Commune Residents.


The Young Professionals Program In WASH Final Pitching Day Demonstrated The Innovative Spirit And Dedication Of Young Professionals In Improving Livelihoods Through Sustainable WASH Solutions. The Prototypes Presented Have The Potential To Make A Significant Impact In Thpong Commune, Setting A Precedent For Future Community-Driven Initiatives In The WASH Sector.

As They Move Forward, These Individuals Will Seek Support From Stakeholders To Further Develop And Implement Their Prototypes, Ensuring They Can Create Lasting Positive Change In The Communities.