What We Do

Capacity Building

Young Water Leader is the hope for sustainable future
We develop and deliver positive capacity development program along with practical methods to connect demands of qualified human resources in water sector. We want to join the government and development partners in your work supporting the development of strong, healthy young water professionals and helping them know and believe that they matter, they are important and they belong to what development of Cambodian water sector.
Our Capacity Development Program is to build them up through soft skills, technical skills, human centred design, research, leadership trainings; workshop and mentoring.

Knowledge Management

We are humbly to constantly develop our knowledge for the competitive challenges
We adopt a multidisciplinary approach to achieving objectives by making the best use of diverse knowledge. We believe in the importance of creating dialogue about the most intractable problems facing the WASH sector in Cambodia, the region and globally. As a result, we are dedicated to the creation of platforms which foster knowledge exchange, in pursuit of collective action to achieve SDG 6.

Research and Development

Identifying specific issues that lead work directed towards the innovation, creation, and improvement of water related products and processes
Our Research and Development Program will seek to conduct high quality research into pressing issues in areas related to WASH and WRM in Cambodia, the regionally and internationally. We commit to translation of research recommendations into actions through stakeholder consultation, prototyping, and piloting ideas.

Smart Innovations

The world have met many new challenges everyday, we need innovation to resolve the new adaptive problem
The Center for Sustainable Water’s Smart Innovations Program aims to develop sustainable, scalable, human centred, solutions to some of the most intractable issues facing the WASH and WRM sector in Cambodia, the region and the globe, to enable SDG 6 to be achieved.

Executive Team

Davy SAO

Davy SAO

Executive Director

Davy has specialized in Agricultural and Environmental Engineering with several years of research experience on water resources assessment and hydrological modeling

Chaporneasey THANG

Chaporneasey THANG

Admin and Finance Officer

Neasey has experienced in accounting field and worked in financial sector a few years. She also has earned a degree from Vanda Institute.

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